Lossiemouth Community Council shared a simple survey on their Facebook last week, stating: “We are gathering support for the proposed cycle/walkway from Lossie to Hopeman. The first phase of the track is from Lossie to Aroma. Would you welcome the opportunity to cycle, walk or run safely on such a path?” Over 1400 people voted, with 92 people sharing the post, and an overwhelming 97% said YES!

The post attracted quite a number of comments, opening discussion not only on this active travel route, but also on existing paths in the local area, and on desires for more paths locally, with people sharing potential sources of funding, and unfortunate stories of near misses on the B9040 Hopeman to Lossiemouth road.

Steph Keegan showed her support for the path by saying “Living and driving daily on the Hopeman to Lossie road only shows me how badly we need a safe cycle path. I forever see dangerous drivers either not giving cyclists enough space or worse overtaking with oncoming traffic. I also see A LOT of caravan people with pushchairs trying to navigate the road to Lossie, it is so dangerous. We have horses on this road and have had to stop riding out because of the dangerous conditions on the road.