Laich of Moray Active Travel Routes group is refusing to be disheartened by Moray Council’s rejection of the request to assist with the legalities of Compulsory Purchase (or lease) of the land required to achieve the vision to complete an active travel route connecting the coastal communities in the Laich of Moray.

We are therefore looking to refresh our campaign, and rally round to strengthen our group in order to prove the demand for this path to Moray Council, and assure them that we have the capacity to continue to manage the project through to construction and beyond. A key to progress is Community Support, and the LoMATR Group is currently small and needs a larger team of individuals prepared to campaign actively.

We have started by setting up a Facebook page in order to reach a greater audience, and keep people better updated with what’s going on, and how they can help.

Interested parties are invited to come along to the Marine Park Pavilion in Lossiemouth at 7pm on Thursday 15th February where we will provide a short update on progress to date, explain the issues which have stopped development of the active travel route and present suggestions on how these might be overcome.