Over a decade has passed since the feasibility study for an active travel route connecting the coastal communities between Burghead and Lossiemouth was produced, and with renewed interest to progress the project, it was time to take a fresh look at the feasibility of the scheme to offer a safe active travel route to school, services and workplaces.

With thanks to generous funding from the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HiTrans), WYG Environment Planning and Transport Ltd. were, therefore, commissioned to undertake a study to consider the feasibility of potential active travel route corridor options between Lossiemouth and Hopeman. The overall aim of study was to establish a route, that could offer a high quality, safe, and coherent connection between the two towns, which would encourage everyday active travel and cycling for users of all abilities.

The scheme will offer significant potential to reduce car use and increase cycling as an everyday mode of transport to deliver better health, better air quality and quality of life to residents and visitors. This report considers the existing situation, options and outline designs for the route and makes a recommendation for the preferred Lossiemouth to Hopeman route alignment. These outputs will inform potential funding applications and future land use planning and policy in the area.

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